Screencasting Ideas

Record a class performance

This one isn't a class performance, but it easily could have been!

Other Ideas for Student Screencasting

  • Explain/Interpret... just about anything.
  • Include the iPad and a screencasting app like Explain Everything at [math] centers so that students can screencast their thinking/solutions
  • math processes & problem-solving
  • science concepts, events, digital microscope capture, browser-based activity,...
  • Weather Forecasts (using weather map images and other online data)
  • Map Skills (directions, scale, coordinates, ... Try it with GoogleMaps or Google Earth)
  • Response to literature (book reviews, plot, theme, characterization, authors...)
  • Reflecting on writing pieces or learning portfolio
  • Vocabulary
  • Daily Oral Language editing
  • Writing conventions
  • Reading stories, ebooks, ...
  • Historical events
  • How to use software, tools, websites...
  • Capture/narrate student online creations (cartoons, stories,...)
  • Reflect on field trips (verging on digital storytelling)
  • Capture & narrate a web-based projects and tools like Google Sketchup, Google Earth,...
  • Use screencasts in conjunction with the augmented reality app, Aurasma (ideas here). Create overlays that play published screencast video when viewed with mobile device.
  • Create a "Summer Learning" series that consists of short, fun, learning bytes like this one.


Have more ideas? Please share them here on this Google Doc.